Consultation brings many advantages

It is vitally important to search for the cause of the health problems that plagues us all, to a greater or lesser extent. Due to the modern medical system basing most of their treatment on disease and symptomatic relief, long lasting results are virtually impossible to achieve.Because of the ever increasing workload that is being placed upon medical professionals they become frustrated and feel hindered as they strive to serve the  demands of their community.

Having a one on one consultation

Our response to this situation is that our business uses the simple (but extremely effective) process of a consultative approach wherein questions are raised for discussion with each new customer. This is best (but not essentially) conducted in the privacy of your own home which serves to relax the whole procedure. With each part of the body system being closely examined along with lifestyle and nutritional habits, a better understanding emerges as to what might be  contributing toward the present health difficulty/s. Usually the whole process takes about 2 hours and most participants are pleasantly surprised  afterwards as to how easily addressed some of their health issues are. All it takes is an  accurate knowledge of the 6 basic imbalances that contributes to ill health and disease, and adjusting this by the application of natural therapy principles which serves to move individuals toward better health, along with having a capacity to cope with any existing health issues.

This information provided by the consultation is then taken away for further consideration, enabling further research to be conducted. A follow up appointment is then made in which a comprehensive written report is provided to assist the customer to adjust to a new way of doing things. Once the customer begins on the recommended products,along with other changes suggested in the report, an agreed upon understanding is reached as regards monitoring progress. The usual method is regular phone calls and customers regard this as an appropriate means in which any query can be discussed and questions can be answered. However a definitive appointment is also arranged  for 12 weeks after producing the written report, and this is an excellent opportunity for gauging what progress has been made along with evaluating the effectiveness of the products consumed.  If there is any need for adjustments in the written program, then this can be completed on this follow up consultation, which comes completely free to the customer.

You can be certain that whatever transpires will be favourable to you

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